cheezit / cheezit070

hello! cheezit is my online name/alias, thank you for taking your time to read this :))

a bit about me!
i have a stuttering disorder! if you want me to talk about it, i'm always available for that! :Dpronouns: any [note: i really like per/pers and they/them but you can use other pronouns, i don't mind]sexuality + gender: pansexual agenderi am 17 years old, so I am still a minor!jung personality type: ISFJi am viet!! my favorite viet food is bánh canh giò heo hehei used to love eating cheezits, which is why i use "cheezit" as my online name. i only add the 070 part if the username "cheezit" was taken because it looks similar to a face loli love photography, traveling, and video editingfavorite color: aquamarine, colors similar to aquamarine, and all shades of grayi do watch anime, read mangas, manhwas, and manhuas, but slowlyi like kpop, pop, k-rnb, but i'm open to new music!i love rabbits!! i had a few as pets beforei really like xiao from genshin impact and squid ink cookie and from cookie run: kingdomgames i play: cookie run: kingdom (very active), obey me (active), tears of themis (semi-active), genshin impact (semi-active), cookie run: oven break (barely active), honkai impact 3rd (inactive but i'll try to find time and storage)-
updated on 11/01/2021 (mm/dd/yyyy)

my socials

discord: cheezit#7934 (if you look suspicious, i'm not adding. if you're an old friend, pls add! i would love to catch up with you!!)

my favorite song(s)

(the last song at the songs section might change once in a while, but the first 3 songs have huge significance, so it won't change!)